Cutting the cord

Cutting the cord seems to have become a thing today. I’m a long time cord cutter before the term existed, I did it to save money. At one time I had all the premium channels. Ending cable caused some withdraws to be sure. Now I get over the air (OTA) TV reception, using a converter box that can also record. Sometime I think companies and people miss the true concept of cord cutting. Some People “cut the cord” apparently only to tell others “I cut the cord”, because then they get Netflix, Hulu, Disney and others and end up spending as much or more than when they had cable!

I’m ranting about this because I am constantly offered YouTube TV. When I checked on it I found it cost $65! Sixty five dollars…really! I read that when it launched a few years ago, it cost $35, that;s almost a 100% increase. I got a Fire Stick on sale and on occasion get Netflix for a month or two. I got the Stick because my daughter was coming down for a visit and didn’t want to miss Game of Thrones, which I also got free using new subscriber offers.

Speaking of OTA digital TV. The term digital TV causes people to think they need a special digital antenna. Not true! When I first got my OTA converter box I just attached my old outside antenna and it worked fine. As a matter of fact when I later got a powered digital antenna…I actually lost a few channels that my old unpowered beat up (missing arms) antenna got.