Another diversion. I’ve been using MS VS Code for a while and found it a decent IDE. However after a long break going to try PyCharm again. One thing I didn’t like about it before was I felt it was sluggish, especially on first use. That was back on my older system with 4GB memory. […]

Learning distractions

The below post shows how easily I can become distracted from my primary task…learning Python pandas! Because of this course I wanted more data to play with than the course provides. Sure it works well with a few thousand records but how would it fare with a more realistic larger dataset? So I decided to […]

I figured it out!

The following is what I assume any professional Python developer is already well familiar with. However I’m usually familiar enough with the few packages I import for it not to be a problem. So it’s not something I’ve used in years. I wanted to replace my account number create routine with the fake credit card […]

Udemy exercise 5

Coding exercise 5 after lecture 49 The actual problem is above. My answers are below the last 3 comments.I was sure my answer was correct however it was flagged as wrong!Another student named Sridivya had a similar problem The instructor replied… Boris Paskhaver Boris — InstructorAnswer 2 months ago The code is looking for you […]

Create random customer change

Replace a few key parts (mainly name) of my create random customer program with the python “mimesis” package. To say its faster is an understatement, from ~30 minutes to 1 min 14sec to generate 1,000,000 records is pretty impressive. I must say they claim they can create 10K full names in 0.254 seconds and that […]


Looked into mimesis an interesting python package to generate fake data. Per their instructions installed into a python virtual environment. I may use this for my create customer program to do some of the work in an effort to speed up my program. They say it’s fast, it seems fast. They claim it’s much faster […]

Pandas speed and larger test data

Great pandas course [Can you tell I discovered a WordPress feature…dropcap?]. This isn’t a thought I just came up with, but I remembered while watching the intro video , it said at around 1:30 into the video that pandas can operate on tens of millions of rows in milliseconds. Anyhoo, I have a one million […]

Udemy course away from home

Well so much for resuming the course away from my house. The video doesn’t show extra video options such as full screen or the video playback controls. In addition when I move my cursor over the screen, it dissappears. I tried switching the video driver to the open source one but it didn’t help. This […]

Python random customer program

For the previous post I talked about recreating my random customer SQLite database. I had rewritten this program in Julia and was happy with the speed improvements [see this post]. So because of my feeling of constantly fighting with Julia to work with SQLite, a short time ago I started work on getting it to […]