Thought I’d mention this cloud service Host, run, and code Python in the cloud!, I am thinking about taking a Django course and the intro/sales pitch mentioned it. Sounds interesting. They offer a Get started for free starter plans.


Don’t know why I didn’t mention I’ve been using the Signal android app for many months now. I guess I don’t always associate android with computers…even though it is an OS. Also they have a Linux desktop program that you can use with other Signal users. I started out just with my daughter. Now also […]

NextCloud DDNS

Decided to logon into my Nextcloud server, which I rarely do, but it seems that my NextCloud DDNS is either down or no longer exists. So I can’t login using that method. So I have to re-familiarize myself with the process all over again. So I chose a new DDNS dynu, but now I have […]

Podcast sizes

This is probably something that to most people is not worth talking about. Podcast sizes IMHO are often unnecessarily large. Especially voice podcasts. Why are these voice podcasts which are mostly used to convey information, and usually played once so large? For voice…IMHO, a high bit rate is not necessary and contributes greatly to the […]