Python virtenv and Anaconda on Linux Mint

A lot of the things I’m doing lately is a repeat of things I already did on Manjaro. But now that it is dead I need to redo on Linux Mint…the Energizer distro that just keeps going and going. Installed python3-venv and the mimesis package on Linux Mint so I can use my createCustomer program. […]

More on WordPress replacement

Been also looking at Static Site Generators as a solution – 11ty in particular. It uses node.js. Node.js is something I could see myself getting into. The idea of a Static Site Generator, is interesting to me. So much bloat in WordPress. I found there are many choices. This caused me to look into a […]

Do you feel lucky?

Well do you…punk? Mint is showing another Grub2 update. Will it fix any of my issues? Will it revive Manjaro from the dead? Of course I have documented how to get Mint working, at least if it’s the same problem. However I might not find it using WordPress’s search. Of course I’m kidding because I […]

My own static site creator & text log file

It looks like I’ve been using WordPress for about a year! So I really should update my text logfile starting there. I have occasionally updated it, but it was hit & miss. Perhaps I should consider writing my own static site creator for my Log file, like I did for my judoplaces website. It uses […]

Grub screen resolution

In this post I said “I was able to work around Mint’s resolution problem by adding GRUB_GFXMODE=1600×1200 in /etc/default/grub”. That wasn’t completely true. The command I actually used was “GRUB_GFXMODE=1920×1080,1600×1200”, specifying two resolutions, because I read it would fallback to the resolution on the right if unsuccessful. I didn’t mention it, because it selected 1600×1200. […]

Too many distractions

Too much OS crap! I want to get back to using/learning stuff on my OS…not fixing the OS. In addition in this same time span, too much time looking for a simple WordPress replacement. I’ve been completely side tracked from my Udemy Pandas course. The last thing I did for my enjoyment was 9 days […]

Screen resolution

I really don’t like this 4:3 aspect ratio in Linux Mint. I want’s me 16:9 back. Why can it install that way but it’s not even an option later? You type videoinfo at the grub console and it shows you what it will allow and 1900×1080 resolution isn’t there . So like I said it […]

Linux Mint screwed up Grub

Unbelievable! I just this very day commented that Linux Mint never screwed up Grub. Which was true. Then I applied some Mint updates that included a Grub update and now Grub is screwed up. However a slight defense of Mint, today it was reported that researchers discovered a serious vulnerability called BootHole, in grub, that […]