Continuing retro. MVS. An OS more advanced than the one…OS/360 [MVT] I used at school. I had no interactive editor, I had to punch cards and submit to a card reader! Then wait an hour or more for the computer operator to print out my listing…after it’s turn in the job queue. Then if any […]

DOS/VS operator console

Continuing retro. Here’s a DOS/VS operator console which looks very much like the VSE systems I worked on for years. I had some trouble finding the DOS/VS 5 pack. But thanks to “computeroperator” on YouTube…he was able to help me find it! My desktop is obscured by the editor. but you can see it’s taskbar […]

IBMs VM/370

Continuing retro. Now using the hercules emulator for IBM Mainframes and also the 3270 terminal emulator. Here’s VM/370,  IBM’s first version, released in 1972…way before Linux knew what a VM was or, for that matter, the world knew what Linux was. This is very much like the VM systems I was employed to maintain…

PDP 11/70 running RSTS/E

Feeling nostalgic! Taking a stroll down memory lane. Resurrect working with old computers using emulators [see 3/13/2013 and 4/9/2013] project that I did 5 years ago. First up…the DEC PDP11 running RSTS. However I noticed…thank God for screen captures, that if you look back in 2013 when I did this, that after I logged on […]