PostgreSQL security

Disappointed on how seemingly difficult PostgreSQL security is. Read several places that you do something like: create database mydb; then… create user bill with password ‘password’; grant all on database mydb to bill; but after logging on by psql -d mydb -U bill then attempting to do a simple select on a table I created…I […]


09/20 – Really want Lazarus working. Also have a big curiosity [probably because I’ve used MS-Visual Basic] about Gambas [see farther down below]. So I feel some changes in Mint 18 along the way may have caused the problem. So I decided to Clonezilla what I have, then reinstall Mint 18. Lazarus still seemed to […]

Install Linux Mint 18 KDE from a DVD

On a whim, I tried to install Linux Mint 18 KDE from a DVD instead of USB. Despite a few problems…it worked. Didn’t mess up my grub menu, rendering my computer un-bootable! Want to try out Plasma…KDE 5. I had stability problems in the past, but so far so good. Perhaps this would have worked […]