Backup Linux distro thoughts

The search continues for a backup distro in case my main distro Linux Mint Cinnamon ceases to be or has some catastrophe. Linux Mint has served me well for many years. However people just love to say it a distro for noobs. I frequently (although not lately) have used VM’s to test other distros. But […]


I recently installed Manjaro 18.0.2 LTS. And decided to apply the reported 700+ MB of updates. I’ve said before that Manjaro is a distribution I really want to like. But just like in the past, updates killed it. Then I remembered a Chris Titus YouTube video where he talks about this very problem. I was […]


After reviewing the above two S/370 Assembler instructions. I guess I’m wondering why you would use UNPK which unpacks packed numbers into zoned decimal digits which aren’t necessarily printable. ED on the other hand can also can also unpack packed numbers into zoned decimal…but these are printable. I guess I knew at one time but […]

Assembler MVC basics

Playing with S/370 assembler specifically the simple MVC instruction. Realized I’d forgotten basics by examining storage with the SNAP macro, after trying various moves. Came to realize that the length is only determined by the first operand. Verified this later by looking at yellow card. Figured out one way to move values to a 80 […]

Docker problem solved!

Finally got the dockerfile from the Linux Academy to successfully run on my Linux Mint computer by…Uninstalling the old then reinstalling docker. Followed this guide which managed to accomplish the task in far fewer words than others I saw. Now at Docker version 19.03.5, build 633a0ea838! Wow that little diversion really slowed my Docker […]

Docker problem!

I first played with docker in 2016. And created my 1st container in 2018. Very basic stuff and no claim to great Docker understanding. Because if I had a better understanding I’m sure I would have used it more. Anywho, started a Linux Academy course called Docker Quick Start. This 2hr course has so far […]


My beloved Celestia astronomy program has been missing from my Linux distribution for a few years. I never dug into how much effort it would take to reinstall. So I thought I might look into it today and found it’s back and easy to install. This program was one of the programs I’d use many […]

WordPress auto update

Got email saying…My WordPress has been updated automatically to 5.3.2. Automatically? Um…OK, I guess. Previously on 12/09, I Upgraded WordPress from 5.2 to 5.3 manually via Softaculous in cPanel I read…Since WordPress 3.7 was released automatic updates for minor and security releases have become standard.

MVS 370 Assembler & Docker

More work on understanding MVS 370 Assembler. Realize I’ve forgot much. Such as there’s no Divide Halfword and with divide [D] the dividend requires even(Reminder)/odd(Quotient) pair of registers. If not for the SNAP macro, I would have probably spent way too much time trying to find out why “PACK PACK01,=P’67890′” doesn’t work, “PACK PACK01,=C’67890′” is […]