I said [3/4/2018] I wasn’t going to do much more to my greenbar program but I did add holes to the side of the listing. Here once again is a Before and After GnuCOBOLlisting. Here’s one in blue, I personally never saw this color at school or in our shop…however I know it exists.  Not […]

Python XML

Been learning Python’s XML handling. Very useful. I like how easy it is to get to nested tags that may or may not exist. I have been rewriting my Diaro (android diary app) file export [to XML format] processing program, to use this method. Why not use this tested [probably by thousands and maybe millions […]

Julia much faster!

Well I finally got around to timing My Julia rewrite of a Python program (see 11/13/2017). Wow…from noticabably slower 6 months (see my comments 9/18/2018) ago to much faster 19 min vs 1hr 15min.     bill@billb-MS-7B79 ~/Mystuff/Julia $ ./     Wed Mar 20 16:30:13 EDT 2019     Records to create 1000000     5000 Written 995000 […]

GnuCOBOL stuff

GnuCOBOL has an option to create a xref listing. So I again modified my Python 3 greenbar program to do page breaks when it sees the form feed, because GnuCOBOL put them there. For non GnuCOBOL output files I count lines and manually goto a new page! Here is an example of a GnuCOBOL listing […]

Add random amount field

Add an random amount field [0.01-100.99] to my Julia program that generates real “looking” customer data. I did this so I could practice numeric calculations in GnuCOBOL. Wrote GnuCOBOL program that uses the COBOL SORT output to printer, with a heading and final total for a amount field in the input.


Another more advanced  GnuCOBOL program that uses the COBOL SORT. Pretty nice COBOL! Sort was so fast on my first test of 5000 records, that I reran on 50,000 records. Still literally ran in the blink of an eye. So I timed it. bill@billb-MS-7B79 ~/Mystuff/COBOL/progs $ time ./sort01 [GnuCOBOL program] real    0m0.107s user    0m0.064s sys   […]


Decided to kick the tires of GnuCOBOL, pushing it a little harder. Wrote a little more advanced GnuCOBOL simple array program that Uses: REDEFINES, OCCURS, VARYING. I have previously wrote a few programs to read/write variable and fixed length records. Variable length records are pretty much regular ascii files (perhaps delimited with a comma) with […]