VM/370 CE EXECIO error

Well it certainly helps to place a working example next to your own code in error. I spotted a slight problem. Starring me in the face the whole time. Spelled it correct in the title…before I wrote this! However it still complains about the FINIS. Also I learned I could do…HELP EXECIO

VM/370CE with vanilla TK4- and DOS/VS 5 pack

Trying to start DOSVS and you’re supposed to create 2 new files in DOSVS guest… Extract tk4 and move DASD to VM/370 mvs/dasd/ subdirectory Extract DOSVS and move /dos/dasd to dosvs/ subdirectory. Logon to dosvs and create… Except when I try and execute DOSIPL as documented in their write up (I used this test name …