Install latest Manjaro

Basically I had to because of the stupid Giant electron update, that I couldn’t do. Otherwise my system would always say it needs to be updated. This ISO was smaller than the last one, but didn’t include an office suite. Hot corners still don’t work!

OBS video size shrinking trick

Don’t know what made me try this but I did and the reduction in file size was substantial. It involves using ffmpeg to simply copy the input file to a new output. For example a mp4 that was around 15min that was 296.5Mb reduced to 79.1Mb by simply typing ffmpeg -i obs.mp4 out.mp4.

Hercules virtual tape – large datasets

These are timings for a large one million customer records, dataset. It follows the same process below. It just goes to show my reasoning why I like this method to move large datasets to the virtual mainframe. Use maketape to create the virtual tape file! bill@bill-MS-7B79:~/Mystuff/Mainframe/MVS/JCL/TAPEDASD$ time ./maketape INPUT: customer-million.txt VOLSER: VOL001 DATASET: CUSTOMER.FILE OUTPUT: …