Another small step in learning Gambas. Specifically the Database controls, most few database examples I’ve seen deal with SQLite. The trick for me to make it work with PostgreSQL was to add DataSource1.Table = “customer” in the Form_Open routine.


Wrote simple Gambas program to access PostgreSQL database. Had to write Gambas code to connect to the PostgreSQL database in the form_open section. I had to write connection code in Python also…so why do I mention it here? Because there are some GUI Visual Basic controls that if my memory serves can be connected to […]

Video editors

Looking at video editors. My needs are simple. Most important is being able to choose parts of video to save. Have used Avidemux and ffmpeg/avconv. The main problem I have with those solutions are selecting start time is not always exact, sometimes a video begins with many seconds of black. So I’ve been playing with […]