Ripping CDs

Hadn’t done this in a while. Thought I had already ripped most of my CDs that I liked years ago. However was looking for some Molly Hatchet, and none to be found in my collection. How can that be? I listened to them a lot back in the day. I loved Southern Rock. Also no […]


Found out pCloud has 2-factor . So enabled it. Something to note, is it gives the option to use Google Authenticator. Shouldn’t it instead say a 2-factor app or an app like Google Authenticator? Because I don’t use Google Authenticator I use FreeOTP, which implements open standards: HOTP and TOTP. Which as of this date […]

Easygui/tkinter and Python3

Needed to install easygui in Python 3. So…pip3 install easygui. Then it reported that tkinter was missing. First off I thought tkinter was included with python…I guess not…maybe python 2? So quick googling suggested pip install tk. which ran but still “reported that tkinter was missing”. More googling suggested pip install python-tk. WTH? I guess […]

9-volt battery rant

I hate them! If I’m aware that a product uses them I try to find a similar product that doesn’t. This is a highly unscientific rant. Totally based on my own opinion based on my lifelong experience using them. They are relatively expensive, they are often awkward to install. Why the rant? Because I just […]

Considering Fedora

With my desire to change my backup distro from Manjaro to something else and recently considering Fedora because of Manjaro removing any 3270 offering…now may be a good time! Their latest release 34 has been getting a lot of good press. My tendency is to stick with KDE but I have seen many positive mentions […]

Linux Mints mystery background downloads

I’ve complained about this before, but it’s a problem I have with Mint’s mystery downloading. Because of a new HD I recently reinstalled Mint and Manjaro. So both distros should be fairly fresh. And Mint is still doing this crap! Below is shortly after I logged on and haven’t used any programs. WTH is it […]

REXX testing Idea

I just had a Eureka moment…running it batch like the installation tests did. Even if it didn’t lead to a solution at least it would be quicker for me to write (then test) locally using an editor I’m familiar with. On the ISPF side I’m constantly pressing home to go to a line beginning, only […]


Maybe with all the trouble Rexx is giving me I should go back to something easier like Assembler 🙂 Was the Rexx developer trying to look like he wasn’t using other peoples ideas? I mean really…EXECIO. Execute I/O I guess. I guess I’ll just let it process in the background, until I have a Eureka […]