Lazarus open project weirdness

I think I talked about this before. I often have problems opening Lazarus projects, files or what ever you call it where you want to open a previously working program. Sometimes nothing will open. Sometimes someting else will open. Often I’ll drag a working zipped file and extract then maybe or just as likely it wont open. I’ll select an .lpi it accepts the choice but nothing seems to happen and File>Close All will be grayed…Close Page won’t be grayed implying something is opened. However clicking it does nothing and it remains ungrayed.

in addition there is a separate Project tab with Open and Close. If I previously clicked File>Close All then why isn’t Close Project grayed. And why is there another Lazarus file access menu 5 tabs right of the File tab?

Modified file dates sometimes get updated when I don’t save anything.

I just want to open my freeking project just like I saved it when it worked!

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