Static site, Python search #2

So I wrote the web search form form and python search program in Python 3 of course, because Python 2 no longer supported, for 8 months now. But currently I’m unable to run Python 3 on my web server. Python 2 however still works.

Static site, Python search

So now that I have my Python program searching the way I want. I need to be able to use it on the web. Which reminded me of a silly little Python 2 program I wrote a long time ago that I had on my site at one time. The program is called and […]

Static Website search

Looking for a way to add “search” to a static site. I considered using grep offline on the html pages. Then referencing the web page. But grep gave me problems. I have to assume that with something used as much as grep, the problems were due to my misuse. Be that as it may, if […]

Python SSG filenames

Well my Python SSG worked really well locally, however as I previously mentiond, FTP wouldn’t copy some filenames with special characters, slashes for example, over. So I must rethink the file names.

Python Static Site Generator

I completed the main parts of generating a Computer Log Static Site. Almost all the Blog posts are created many of the images display. The Index shows all 456 of my posts. There are some image linking problems. The image link problem’s are from using WordPress’s upload feature. The images linked to my image directory […]

WP blog to Static Site

Started work on my own WordPress to markdown, to Static Site using Python. Got as far as creating modified markdown that includes date and title. Output filename changed to “date/time title”. Bypass external comments. Plan on using Python nodule (md-to-html) that converts markdown to html.

My own Log SSG?

Talked about it here. This whole topic started because of a WordPress search failure. I don’t think I want to devote the time right now but possibly in the future. Like I said my judoplaces static website was created in 2013, using Python/SQLite long before SSGs became a thing, before that the it was created […]

Static Blog Search

The WordPress to Static Site by the Eleventy SSG went pretty well. Even considering my admitted lack of interest in web design. I made some very basic changes and improved the look considerably. The only or at least biggest thing missing is search. But there are many possibilities right off the top of my head. […]