USB Mic issue

So the USB mic issue that I had on Linux Mint apparently is not an issue on Manjaro. I’m pretty sure I used it on Mint with no problems before. The problem is if I record a 10sec clip in audacity, it plays back in about as nano second. I deleted audacities setting folder with […]

Cursor highlight for videos

I see these highlighted cursors all the time on YouTube, but trying to find out how to do it wasn’t easy. It’s so easy to loose track of that mouse pointer in a video. Install some obscure package or some double talk answer. It seemed almost like it was some trade secret. After some digging. […]

x3270 wide screen

I hadn’t played with mainframe emulation for a while, and I was reviewing my notes. So I started up MVS using the TK4- package. I then used the x3270 terminal emulator to get a TSO/ISPF session as I always did by typing “x3270” and as usual I found viewing 132 column listings tedious [PF10/PF11 […]

VLC loop buttons

Well I’m a genious. Just as VLC has announced a big interface design, for it’s upcoming 4.0 version, I decide to figure out the meanings of the icons for looping. I’ve used VLC for years, it began in 2001, so maybe 2 decades, And never took the time to figure out the differences. They could […]

Python, environments & Atom

Decided to try the Atom IDE for Python a week or two ago, working in a Python environment. And Guess what? It works great! Unlike Microsoft VS Code, Atom works the way I think it should work. I tried VS Code in an environment, and it doesn’t work. OK wait, I probably need to start […]