Master the Mainframe…slight frustration.

While attempting to connect today I received a timeout. So I checked the Slack System_Status channel and nothing reported. I also checked connection_issues…nothing reported. I tried again…same problem. Finally rechecked connection_issues and someone reported the timeout. The response was something like it was Upgrade Sunday. Doesn’t Slack have a stick lead page feature (or whatever […]


Microsoft-Connected CloudGuru Doesn’t Care About GNU/Linux and Now It’s Gradually Killing the BSD/Linux-Centric Jupiter Broadcasting (Bought by Linux Academy) WTH? Does Microsoft think they change my computing philosophy and lure me back to them? Lol…Right! When I say me I mean people like me, because obviously I’m of no importance to them. These kind of […]

enscript with greenbar output

The following commands are taken from a link Professor Rene’ Ferland’s pointed to on his website. enscript –font=Courier-Bold@8 -l -H3 -r –margins=25:25:40:40 -p cobol01.cob ps2pdf cobol01.pdf The professor’s script used Ghostscript rather than ps2pdf. The above 2 commands can be combined into one. enscript –font=Courier-Bold@8 -l -H3 -r –margins=25:25:40:40 -p – cobol01.cob | […]

Greenbar and enscript

I asked a question about a YouTube video I watched “Using Cobol and VSAM on DOS/VSE – M174” concerning greenbar listings shown, and Professor René Ferland, the video author, responded that it was created using his script that uses enscript. I’ve never even heard about this program or the Adobe program it’s based on, and […]

RSS and my mornings

I start most mornings with my cup of coffee, in front of my computer screen reading news headlines and various articles from RSS feeds that interest me. I’ve been using the RSS reader built into Thunderbird for many years. I read the major news headlines from many of the top news sites and try to […]