Updating Manjaro screwed up my Linux Mint…Again!

At least that’s the 1st impression, technically it didn’t because Mint was untouched. This time I dug into it, and found Manjaro’s /boot/grub/grub.cfg file contained the incorrect UUID for my Linux Mint distro which is on /dev/sda. The incorrect UUID was pointing to /dev/sdb however the menuentry…whatever that is…said /dev/sda. Below are snippits from the […]

Strange partition problem

A few days ago I attempted to use clonezilla to backup Manjaro. I have my 2 primary OS’s, each about 30GB) on a SSD (sda as far as linux is concerened) volume. Mint is on sda1… and whatever is my current testing backup OS (Manjaro in this case) on sda2. For some reason clonezilla didn’t […]

Manjaro successfully updated

Tried updating again (333MB) and had no problems. Mint also came up fine after selecting with grub. Other than another 100MB of updates…everything else was the same! I did notice that the kernel is now 5.4.13-3-MANJARO the previous problem update it was 5.4.13-2-MANJARO.

Manjaro updates

Applied 230MB+ of updates via command line. Kernel 5.4.12-1-MANJARO > 5.4.13-2-MANJARO. Everything surprisingly, apparently still works! Updates are where Manjaro has killed me in the past. I get the notification from Pamac on the taskbar, but update using pamac on the command line. Not so fast My optimism was a little premature. Yes Manjaro seemed […]

Blocking sound from Browsers

I think Firefox is supposed to block sounds from websites automatically playing, evidently because people, myself included, find it annoying. I say I think, because it seems to me, and I might be wrong, that this is a recurring promise. It seems like I hear that the next version will have this feature. And the […]

LPI Linux Essentials Certification

I have been going through this course at Linux Academy and as I expected, most of it so far has been old hat. However I really believe you can always learn something new from anyone. I truly believe I could learn something from someone who maybe had 6 months experience. For many reasons. For one…everyone’s […]

Linux command line auto complete

Just a silly observation, I frequently underestimate the number of characters to type for autocomplete to make a match. When it comes to this I am the king of underestimation. In my mind I’m sure nothing else can possibly match the characters I’ve typed to autocomplete a command, so hit tab, only to find 20 […]

X-Plane, game or simulator?

IMHO it’s a sim. Some argue that it’s a game. I feel it’s a SIM because there isn’t scoring and it tries to model actual flight physics. There are no objectives to make kills or score points like a game. The main objective is to fly from point A to point B by applying flying […]

Linux, Steam & X-Plane

Being a longtime Linux guy I didn’t really think too much about games or sims. That changed a few years ago thanks to Valve/Steam. I really appreciate what Valve has done for Linux gaming. When I saw X-Plane 10 offered in Steam a few years ago, I knew I had to get it. When I […]

Manjaro big update/connectivity problem

Almost 1GB of updates, including kernel 5.4.12-1 update was successful. I must say I was concerned, given my bad experience with Manjaro’s updates in the past. After rebooting I noticed my network trey icon had some red, but it said connected and another message I never saw, reduced connectivity or something like that. Web pages […]