This computer, which predated Apple & the TRS-80, was instrumental to the beginning of “personal computers” and resulted in the creation of Microsoft. This in turn resulted in Linus Torvalds wanting something better so he created Linux.

MACRO-11 errors

I assembled a program and got errors. But when I looked at the MACRO-11 listing the only place i see the word error, is where it told me I have errors.

Where are they? WTH? I guess I need to RTDM (read the darn manual).

I need to look into at this more. For example (I purposely made an error in a small program)…

I assume the A to the left has some meaning.

.MAIN.	MACRO V05.03b  00:27  Page 1

      2					;   PDP-11... MACRO-11
      3	000000	000001 			A:  .WORD   1   ; TWO DATA ITEMS IN OCTAL
      4	000002	000010 			B:  .WORD   10
      5	000004				C:  .BLKW   1   ; THE RESULT
      6	000006	016767 	177766 	177770 	    MOV     A, C
A     7	000014	000000G	000002'	000004'	    SDD     B, C    <<<<<<<<<<<< Purposely misspelled ADD
      8	000022	000000 			    HALT
      9		000001 			    .END

.MAIN.	MACRO V05.03b  00:27  Page 1-1
Symbol table

A       000000R  	B       000002R  	C       000004R  	SDD   = ****** GX

. ABS.	000000    000	(RW,I,GBL,ABS,OVR)
      	000024    001	(RW,I,LCL,REL,CON)
Errors detected:  1

*** Assembler statistics

Work  file  reads: 21
Work  file writes: 22
Size of work file: 33 Words  ( 1 Pages)
Size of core pool: 7680 Words  ( 30 Pages)
Operating  system: RT-11

Elapsed time: 00:00:00.00

.MAIN.	MACRO V05.03b  00:27 Page S-1
Cross reference table (CREF V05.03)

A        1-3#     1-6   
B        1-4#     1-7   
C        1-5#     1-6*     1-7   
SDD      1-7   

.MAIN.	MACRO V05.03b  00:27 Page E-1
Cross reference table (CREF V05.03)

A        1-7   

Might not renew judoplaces.com

I created this static site many years ago when my kids were little, because It wasn’t easy finding Judo dojo’s (or dodo’s as my spell checker suggests) in South Florida. I still love the sport, but at my age and health it’s very unlikely I’ll ever participate again. Also all my kids are 30+ yo, or are very near. I haven’t checked the links or updated it in years. So I question spending $22 to renew the domain again for a year. It will remain a subdomain of my main account.

Assembled MACRO-11 listing

Without fully understanding it (I just began looking into this yesterday), here is the PDP-11, MACRO-11 listing of a “Hello, World” program (not my code) I ran on RT-11 from the preceding post. At this point I just wanted to learn the steps from source creation to execution. And this was a successful assemble.

I thought it would be somewhat interesting to follow it and look at the op codes, with the PDP11 Programming card in hand.

Firefox browser search sucks

Dave referenced one of his videos with a link on twitter, and YouTube responded “Video Unavailable”. Apparently the words “Bare Metal” was in the title. So I went to his channel and did a browser search for “Bare metal”. As you can see below the browser reported a match. However it doesn’t appear on this page, or the previous or next page. If I go down many pages, and hit the find next/previous button it returns to this page. It’s not including the search string. If I change “bare” to “barex” it returns zero.This is something that has driven me crazy for a while. Brave and Google return zero matches.

Tried a few hours later and it was available.

Dave Cutler

Very interesting video, interviewing Dave Cutler. He’s worked on so many important things. I was mostly interested in his work on PDPs and RSX11. Still working at 81. Amazing!


Previously I said  I’m currently slowly reading… Pieper_RSX_A_Guide_For_Users_1987.

Wow is this a wordy document. Pages and pages of just text to explain things.

Pages explaining MCR. Pages expaining DCL. Pages explaining changing between the two. Now I got glassy eyed trying to understand it But I think the prompts can be…

All of this explaining before you even get to the “User/System Interaction”. Where once again you can’t get very far down a very wordy page without seeing references to MCR or DCL.

No doubt a powerful system.

Here is a screenshot of the PDF. Of course you can see many References to MCR and DCL in the text. But my main point is the page thumbnails on the left you can see how wordy the pages are. Is this a user guide or a 380 page novel? A biography on Abraham Lincoln, probably has less pages.

MTREK start errors

INS — File not found

>; start up multi-player Startrek
>INS TRKCOM		!install global common
INS -- File not found
>INS MTREKD/TASK=MTREKD/PRI=51.	!install universe manager
INS -- File not found
>INS MTREK/TASK=...SHP		!install ships
INS -- File not found
>INS ROBOT/TASK=...RBT		!install robot ships
INS -- File not found
>RUN MTREKINI		!initialize global common
INS -- File not found
>;;RBT 		! startup the robot ship
>; Startup complete (type SHP to play)
>@ <EOF>