Email scam attempt that I fell for

Got the following email…

The following alternate email address was added to your AT&T account:

August 16, 2022 at 4:19:22 PM PDT

I never fall for this crap however I did today…I clicked the link to review security settings

So I called AT&T who said no alternate email address was added
so I looked at the email from address and it was

And the link was at

I did however change my real AT&T email password so I hope I’m OK!

I must be getting old and stupid.

Evidently I don’t know how to use RedNotebook

This is a followup on the previous post. I’ve been using RedNotebook for years…but apparently wrong. I guess I should have signed up for a Udemy course to master this “complex” software. Until trying to add pictures yesterday, I’ve only used it in text mode like a journal. So I saw another user’s response to his same problem of adding a picture. Seemed simple enough, I needed to press the preview button because I’ve be using it in edit mode for years. That worked for him.

Except when I press preview the whole page is blank! No pictures or text. Same thing with any previous post. So now I must look for a tutorial on using RedNotebook? I mean…really! Why isn’t something so basic…intuitive? I didn’t need a tutorial to add pictures in MS-Word of LibreOffice. Of for that matter this software…WordPress.

RedNotebook and pictures

I wanted to document my dryer’s clogged with lint, cleaning. So I thought I’d use the insert picture option, to show before and after pics. But no picture showed…only a text path. How useful…NOT! I thought this can’t be right and Googled FAQs and RedNotebook questions. Because obviously why would you expect to see a picture when you choose insert picture? You know like you would with MS-Word or LibreOffice Writer.

Anki – Powerful, intelligent flash cards.

My daughter likes to make flash cards for her school work. I like to watch reaction videos of Americans speaking fluent Chinese to Chinese people. Which led me to a video about learning languages. Which led me to a video about people learning anything. Which led me to hear about Anki. Which brings me back to the first sentence. You don’t have too but you can sync to the cloud the sync to your android phone (free in my case)…or vise versa. It seems the iPhone app is $25…ouch! Seems very useful and lots of YouTube tutorials.

Looking at Apple ][…sometimes called Apple II

As iconic and important as the Apple was in the 1970s I don’t really know much about it. I decided I’d look into it a little. I downloaded linApple emulator. It almost seemed like floppy’s were required. But I know that can’t be true. This site claims 670 cassettes at the time of this post. I also found this website that pointed me to this browser based emulator, which appeared to have 2 floppies attached. I found this emulator that mentions cassette support but it didn’t work on my system. So perhaps it’s not common on an emulator…at this time. So my curiosity ends for now. Because I’m only interested in what I would have started with in those days. The TRS-80 Model I Level II had a pretty decent Basic.

Resize fullscreen windows complaint

I really hate when a window is fullscreen…you press the resize button, and basically it stays the same size. This also makes it very hard to grab the resize border edges to manually resize it. I think if a screen is fullscreen then pressing the resize button should automatically resize the window down by at least 75% or maybe even just 90% of the screen size that way you can at least grab the edges to manually resize it yourself.