This blog wasn’t really created with the intent to be a blog. To me the word blog implies you think you have something important to say on a subject. I don’t! I assume it’s only important to me. However without much WordPress knowledge it became one. It was my effort to move a static HTML log covering some of my computer activities, to a easier dynamic way to accomplish the same thing using WordPress. Although mostly computer related I do comment on some other tech related posts.

Many years ago I developed the habit of documenting some of my daily activities at work, in a log. Sometimes people would ask me what I did, and I would struggle putting it into words. This was mostly when I became a IBM mainframe system’s programmer a job equivalent to a Linux/Unix/Windows administrator, back in the day when people knew much less than they know today. Before that, when I was a programmer, people had or thought they had more of an idea what a programmer did. I would try and explain what a system’s programmer was, but it usually amounted to only a few sentences. I thought, they must think, he’s employed 40 a week…doing what? So I started documenting, not necessarily detailed [some days more than others], my daily activities. I knew I was usually busy, and keeping a log helped me realize how much I really did. I had a boss ask me dates we did certain things because he knew I kept a log.

A log, especially for someone like me, without a great memory, can help you doing similar things in the future, or stop you from making the same mistakes again. Someone once said something to the effect “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

I kept a static HTML log for over 10 years (and a text log, longer than that) befotr I moved it to WordPress!

Finally for some reason some, but not all of my posts require you to click on the title to get the full post, sometimes including Pictures and videos…some don’t? There’s probably a logical reason for this, but I don’t remember doing anything especially different between posts.