Amazon Kindle Fire

Unless I learn different, I’d have to think hard about getting another Amazon Kindle Fire. I’d switch to an android tablet. Why? Let me count the ways. It uses a customized version of android but is NOT android. You can sideload android apps and they may or may not work. I have a older Kindle […]

Android charging/data cables

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Bought a new Type-C cable for spare at “Five Below”, which use to mean $5 and less, but as soon as the opened one near me it became $5 and up, despite the name. These cables appear to be nice. Nice packaging. quality appearing braided cable. However […]

Firefox dark mode, dark pages?

I often start my day early, and there is nothing worse, at least it feels that way at the moment, than opening a web page, where most of the page is white. So I do a little research and learn about dark themes. But wait that only affects a small aspect of Firefox, such as […]