Amazon Kindle Fire

Unless I learn different, I’d have to think hard about getting another Amazon Kindle Fire. I’d switch to an android tablet. Why? Let me count the ways. It uses a customized version of android but is NOT android. You can sideload android apps and they may or may not work. I have a older Kindle which has a browser no longer supported and I’m unable to update it. No current version of their silk browser will run on this Kindle.

If not connected to the internet MANY apps just stop working [get a message saying to the effect that the license has expired requiring me to connect to the internet to refresh them] and this message can appear often. I just recently did a factory reset and reinstalled a few mostly media apps and within a week it wanted to “refresh” licenses. Really? I’d rather not [at least seldom] connect to the internet with a old unsupported OS. Amazon feels like Big Brother is watching me. Just let me get in and freshen up those licenses and…perhaps poke around a little! What are you reading, listening to and watching?

Many apps, if even available are lesser versions of the current versions. Some popular apps are not even available.

My old android phone (at least 2 new phones since…and I don’t get a new phone every year) on the other hand…never had [Not saying it don’t happen] an app give me a “license has expired” message.

Here is my hypothetical scenario. I’m going to a remote location in the mountains for a few weeks or even months with no internet access. I load up my devices with books [PDFs], music [MP3s], videos [MP4s]. The Kindle if I’m lucky might work a few days. Then “license has expired” messages appear requiring Wi-Fi which I don’t have, causing the app to become useless. The old android phone on-the-other-hand is still functional. It can still work with the above media formats. Why does that make sense? Because a jpeg or png, pdf or mp4 format basically rarely changes. How about letting me “refresh” the app only when/if the app fails to render the media type because of some format change? Or I may choose to update if a newer version has features I want.

Since the hardware in all likelihood is still fine lets make the device obsolete, by just failing to run the software!