NextCloud Android app issues

Issue #1: If you run low on storage while coping photos results are unreliable, which may be expected. Some, perhaps many, files will not be uploaded. And why was I low low on storage? Because the app creates a temp folder with copies of the photos you are copying. I had over 600MB in this […]

More on NextCloud!

This was an educational, fun and potentially useful project. With all the privacy concerns out there it’s good to have options. It can eliminate services such as Dropbox and Google photos. No agreeing to terms of services to companies who aren’t giving away these free services for free. There’s a cost! To the best of […]

NextCloud move/increase storage!

OK, I think I sucessfully moved my NextCloud data file by following these instructions… BTW, having phpMyAdmin available, which I installed on addition to LAMP, makes the MySQL changes much easier. So far everything looks good! Also Install imagick, which the NextCloud overview recommended. Surprisingly many steps to get there, many attempts required other […]

NextCloud cron jobs/Contacts

Setup Ubuntu Server cron jobs to… Run [ddns updater] every 10min Run certbot renew [for Let’s Encrypt renew] ever hour. Since the cert doesn’t expire for 90 days, every hour seems like overkill. But I don’t keep server up 24/7. So I want to make sure it’s checked in the window of time I […]

NextCloud…moving/expanding storage

When reinstalling I put the data area on root, but I thought no big deal…I’ll move it later. It’s cloud storage that should be a basic maintenance procedure. But when I started looking into it, article after article says moving data storage is not recommended and it is strongly advised to reinstall to accomplish this. […]

I broke NextCloud!

Well I borked NextCloud install trying to update PHP from 7.2 to 7.3. This gave me an excuse to reinstall everything the way I should have the 1st time, I separated the HD partitions of /home from /root. I used clonezilla to create a “clone” of my installation (Ubuntu Server, LAMP and a properly installed […]