Julia rename

Rewrote a program in Julia, that I had written in Python 2, that I never got working. It was a seemingly simple file rename. I went through the same process of building the before and after file rename strings first, and after they looked right. ran the program. It was probably a stupid mistake on […]


More on Julia! First off! For a test, I stripped out all the SQLite code from my slow running program and, unscientifically IMHO it’s pretty fast. The “using sqlite” statement alone takes ~2 seconds. A run for 1,000,000 records, including all the other random # generating stuff for dates, street address, name prefix/suffix and account […]

Julia slow?

The below comments about Julia’s slowness were my thoughts on this day, however see the above date 09/22 for a likely reason…SQLite! This probably nullifies much of what I say here. Well I have to be honest. I pretty much finished my rewrite of my Python program in Julia. It is pretty much “functionally” the […]

Julia random months

I’m starting to sound like a Julia fan-boy. Any-who…I was rewriting in Julia a program I had previously written in Python, and I found this code from Python of where I wanted to generate a random month from 1-12 mn=random.randrange(1,12) I ran it, and the months at first glance looked valid…and they were! However it […]


Well for me to actually do many useful things I need a database. And in Python that database, often for me, has been SQLite. Also I have a lot of useful…to me, SQLite databases. Surprisingly it was relatively easy for Julia to use SQLite.

1st “real” Julia program

Wrote my 1st “real” Julia program. It reads the android Diaro [Diary type program], one XML file, and outputs Linux Redbook files, many files in the form yyyy-mm.txt containing day entries for that month. Already had a good portion of the program written in Python, but figured this would be a good program to learn […]