XBMC remote

Install XBMC remote on my Kindle Fire and can control XBMC on the Raspberry Pi. Having fun playing with it. Can access Apple iTunes Podcasts and Movie trailers. Noticed Time was off in OpenELEC so Googled for a fix. Found a page that showed you how to fix it by SSHing into Rpi and changing […]

Pi radio

Got old Admiral AM tube radio that sat on a shelf above the sink when I was growing up in the 1960s. Had a thought of putting a Raspberry Pi inside of it, and only play 1960s era music and radio spots. Been writing a Python program that plays random 1960s music. After every 3 […]

Raspberry Pi arrived

Raspberry Pi (computer the size of a deck of cards) came today (or 11/29 due to my poor records). Runs Raspian Linux, (Debian for Raspberry Pi) Had some minor problems connecting to Wi-Fi. Problem with no audio coming from TV attached by HDMI cable, Fix: I had to uncomment a line [hdmi_drive=2] in /boot/config.txt. Media […]

Ordered Raspberry Pi

Ordered Raspberry Pi. Have a couple ideas. 1) MP3 player inside 50+ year old yellow Admiral Radio that parents had above sink when I grew up in the 1960s. Only play 60s era music. 2) Media player attached to main TV by HDMI cable. Would be able to play many more formats than TVs limited […]


It seems to me that many software installs that didn’t go smoothly in OpenSuse, got better as I re-evaluated it later. Perhaps it was because I got more use to OpenSuse’s quirks. Even after being out for a couple months, VM Virtualbox seems to be a pain to install on OpenSuse, or at least more […]