Open Mainframe Project

Looking into The COBOL Training Course, an open source initiative under the Open Mainframe Project. Saw a YouTube video titled “COBOL Fridays – Get hands-on – Run a COBOL program”Which talks about running COBOL on a z/OS.It requires …VS Code for COBOL development which I’m already using for COBOL on my MVS emulator and GnuCOBOL.Also […]

Scanner problems on Linux Mint

First time trying to use since I installed 19.3.Installed XsaneFirst it didn’t even recognize it.So tried to add printer with cups.Then got message “Failed to scan, Unable to connect to scanner”Next installed HP Tools which at least could scan USB and then recognized the printer.Scanning software still didn’t find scannertail -f /var/log/* seemed to report […]

Julia and SQLite

I decided I’d take a look at Julia again. The SQLite module is very important to me right now. More than important, for me…essential! But I guess I’m too stupid to figure it out. Add to this that some of the documentation applies to different versions. This is something I used early on and got […]

Zoom thoughts…again

I feel my past thoughts about Zoom seem on track. Security expert Steve Gibson gave his thoughts about Zoom which seem to confirm my thoughts. Steve approaches the subject as an expert. My approached was based more on a feeling based on listening to the CEO and judging his sincerity. And my feeling about how […]

Thoughts on COBOL

Watched an interesting video about COBOL on YouTube called “The New COBOL” – Benno Rice (PyCon AU 2019). In that video he showed a quote [COmmon Business-Oriented Language] (Synonymous with evil.) A weak, verbose, and flabby language used by code grinders to do boring mindless things on dinosaur mainframes. Hackers believe that all COBOL programmers […]