Zoom thoughts…again

I feel my past thoughts about Zoom seem on track. Security expert Steve Gibson gave his thoughts about Zoom which seem to confirm my thoughts. Steve approaches the subject as an expert. My approached was based more on a feeling based on listening to the CEO and judging his sincerity. And my feeling about how stupid it would be for them to ignore this tremendous opportunity for growth. Also I felt that they were such a large target that it would be foolish for them to think they were smarter than the internet at large.

If they want to be tricky it would be better for them to wait until like Facebook they had such a large user-base that they had the ability to hire the best talent to attempt to be tricky with a huge user-base of largely inexperienced users! Then just deny any knowledge of a problem when they are found! Then fix that and move on to another tricky user exploitation!

I think at some point it will be too lucrative for them to resist the temptation. But for now, prove to your users that you have their best interest at heart, and concentrate on building that user base.