Facebook and Google are coming for Zoom


Didn’t see that one coming…did you? So…videoconferencing is a thing. We’ll do it too and crush them, because we hate to see another company succeed. Reminds me of when Microsoft went after Netscape. Early in the days of the Internet little Netscape was selling their web browser for a modest price because they realized the web was real. So Microsoft who hadn’t been paying too much attention to the web, finally realized that this Internet was important and started offering MS-Explore for free and crushed Netscape into dust. Because as we all know Microsoft, at the time had a long history of offering free products! And bonus…they started making HTML much better with their “improvements” they built into Explorer. With all the security concerns…Zoom is having a public relations nightmare.

And who is more privacy respecting more than Facebook and Google? They care about the end user and have zero interest in your personal data.

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  1. OK commenting on my own post (rant) because I just watched two back to back episodes of “Last Man Standing” and guess who placed an ad in both episodes…Microsoft for Teams. In prime time! I literately just finished the above post about an hour earlier!

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