NextCloud update…finally!

Finally got option to update NextCloud to 17 (actually 17.0.1)…and did. Version 17 has been out for a while but never offered to me. Was very concerned because of the NextCry Ransomware issue found in the wild. Seem to apply to NGINX web servers…still very annoying for my NextCloud to keep telling me that my […]

IBM COBOL program fix

Fixed sort04.cob amounts and arithmetic on those fields after figuring out how…again, how IBM COBOL works with these fields. It was working but not displaying amount fields and I had left it that way until I understood why. By working I mean producing output and running to completion. So I guess I should really say […]

COBOL numeric fields

I mentioned here something odd and confusing to me. So played with it and certainly can work around it. However I still find it strange that in IBM COBOL, at least this very old version, I can’t move a field defined as 999.99 to another field defined as 999.99. I guess the answer simply is […]

IMSAI 8080

Got the IMSAI 8080 emulator working. The computer came out in 1975 and was a clone of the MITS Altair 8800 that came out prior. My log/blog 1st entry shows the Jan. 1975 Popular Electronics cover with the Altair. They labeled it the 1st minicomputer kit because the term microcomputer hadn’t yet been coined. It […]

Backup NextCloud server

Used rsync to backup my personal files on my NextCloud server. However it appears it just backed up everything again, because the file all timestamps were today. For as long as I have been using Linux, I should know how to use rsync better,. Did some research and think I found solution…maybe rsync –update -raz […]