More greenbar?

Even though I said this wasn’t a high priority, I did some more work on my greenbar program. Seems to do a pretty fair job. Not exactly an example of my finest programming skills. A lot of trial and error rather than properly understanding the process. I think I understood it better a few years […]

Python virtual environment

Used Python virtual environment for the 1st time. It seems that none of the documented way to do this was an exact fit for me…odd. Seemed like a good way to try out the new version of the reportlab PDF module and also add the PyPDF2 module to get rid of the first blank page. […]

Lost Ubuntu server password!

Needed to recover the admin password in Ubuntu server 18.04.3 LTS. I can’t remember a giant random password, and my password manager’s password file became corrupt. And I didn’t have correct server password on my phone’s password file. In the past you would use the recovery option in the Grub menu to drop to root […]

More Assembler

Got simple Assembler program to run. It did have a error ‘IEW1161 WARNING – NO ENTRY POINT RECEIVED’ that needs fixing. Sounds bad but it was a warning. And it did read my 50 test disk records and wrote all 50 to printer. I need to re-familiarize myself with addressability. Not a terrible beginning. Syntactically, […]

Frustrated with Julia!

I had just fixed SQLite errors (requiring dataframes) when version 1.1, I believe, was released. Now once again my Create customer program that is important to me is getting SQLite errors after the last update to version 1.2 And the error messages are so clear… Warning: getindex(df::DataFrame, col_ind::ColumnIndex) is deprecated, use df[!, col_ind] instead. │ […]

COBOL review and a little Assembler

I guess I don’t remember COBOL as well as I thought, because when the below COBOL move statement gives me an error…it’s time for a review. 00032 05 WS-AMOUNT1 PIC 999.99.00033 05 WS-AMOUNT2 PIC 999.99.00080 MOVE WS-AMOUNT1 TO WS-AMOUNT2. 80 IKF4052I-E DNM=1-254 (NE) MAY NOT BE TARGET FIELD FOR DNM=1-225 (NE) IN MOVE STATEMENT, AND […]

I Broke my MVS!

Spool file got full. because of a tiny little COBOL logic problem and screwed up my MVS…$HASP355 SPOOL VOLUMES ARE FULL. Just because I tried to write 500,000 records to the printer? Well excusseeeee meeeeeeee (: Actually partly because of a logic problem, also because I thought I was working with a much smaller file. […]