Frustrated with Julia!

I had just fixed SQLite errors (requiring dataframes) when version 1.1, I believe, was released.
Now once again my Create customer program that is important to me is getting SQLite errors after the last update to version 1.2
And the error messages are so clear…
Warning: getindex(df::DataFrame, col_ind::ColumnIndex) is deprecated, use df[!, col_ind] instead.
│ caller = top-level scope at CreateCustomer.jl:174
└ @ Core ~/Mystuff/Julia/CreateCustomer/CreateCustomer.jl:174

line 174 looks like…

I’ve written many positive thoughts about Julia in this log, however not feeling very pro Julia right now, so I’m stepping away from the language for now! Never left Python anyway. I should have devoted the time I spent rewriting the Python program in Julia…on improving it! I just wrote a Python program a few days ago.

I changed my Julia YouTube video Julia for General Programming to private, because under the circumstances I don’t feel like touting it. It wasn’t exactly burning up the charts anyway, but had 261 views 7 thumbs up and 0 thumbs down.

As I said SQLite changes that cause problems twice in a version 1 release. I don’t even feel like trying to figure it out…it could just happen again after I fix that. I expect these kind of problems pre-version 1. Also what if I had written 20 SQLite programs? Gotta go back and fix all those after just a point release…I don’t think so. BTW I think the program still ran but I’m not watching Julia spew out these messages on my screen every time I run this just because I updated Julia! I guess that’s a lesson for when I upload programs to github…mention the version you used to write the code, Because there’s a good chance it won’t work, or will spew warning messages at you, by the time the next point release shows up…especially if it’s Julia code!

Also they just closed out a reproducible ‘segfault’ issue (#29213) I had opened on Sep 16, 2018. Which still segfault’s and is still reproducible. Not only that but Jeff Bezanson reduced my code and that’s what still segfault’s. If you don’t want to or can’t fix it…fine. But don’t close it and say it’s not reproducible! I guess that’s one way of trimming down the list of ‘open’ issues…just close them!

My spending time recently working on and learning MVS, probably didn’t help this situation. IBM’s newest OS is still largely compatable with the their 1960’s era OS. I look at z/OS (IBMs current OS) JCL and it looks very much like examples in my SYSTEM/360 JCL book that came out in 1970. The 360 references 1960 . The mainframe is dead…Right? Many fifty year old COBOL programs still work.

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