Windows 2000 in a VM

Ran Windows 2000 in a VM. Have had problems for a while with shared folders, appears hung or very slow. Found a workaround on the Internet that appears to work [no hanging] for me….Map Network Drive. From “Windows Explorer” select Tools/Map Network Drive to associate Shared folder with a drive letter. You then can access […]

LinuxMint 14.1 Cinnamon

Replaced Kubuntu with LinuxMint 14.1 Cinnamon 64bit (see Mar. 4th). Because of Kubuntu’s update procedure which frequently seemed to hang around 57% (If I remember). However it did not really hang but seemed to be reading the disk drives (disk activity light on) I would come back over 10 minutes later and was still accessing […]


My son Alex bought iMac and he connects to network wirelessly. I wanted to allow him to print to my old (but still prints good) HP DeskJet printer. It is not a network attached printer, but is a local attached to Linux, parallel printer. So I had to tell Cups to share it. iMac saw […]

LinuxMint 14.1 Cinnamon 64bit

Download/Install LinuxMint 14.1 Cinnamon 64bit. Other than Ubuntu server running in a VM, had never ran a 64 bit OS so I decided to try one. Things fixed over my LinuxMint 13 Cinnamon 32 bit…1) Software Manager progress meter no longer appears to hang. 2) Can now restart from logout screen 3) Of course it […]