Ubuntu Server 18.04

Installed today on free Dell computer. Will be headless, but obviously need monitor and keyboard to install. I thought I might use as a Plex server, but don’t really like the idea that the computer needs to constantly be on. So presently considering installing NextCloud. There was an option to install NextCloud which I selected. […]


Interesting topic on Slashdot Is Object-Oriented Programming a Trillion Dollar Disaster? The above topic concerns this article Object-Oriented Programming — The Trillion Dollar Disaster I am not a OOP programmer and I don’t play one on TV. I tried it at a very basic level while looking into C++ and Java. So I have looked […]

New (to me) computer

Trying to figure out what to do with a free computer I got about a month ago (see June 15th). Perhaps first install Ubuntu server. Then use it for… NextCloud server Kodi Media server Plex Media server Today I’m leaning towards the Plex option!


It’s fun to look back to see how far we’ve come. However I’d like to think I’m not stuck in the past. Every now and then I want a taste of Nostalgia. I don’t want to dwell there too long because there are better/newer things coming out all the time. There is constantly something new […]

Super Nova

Pushing the TRS-80’s limits. The instructions from 1980 say “Super Nova is a fast-paced real-time game for one or two players. It is written in machine language which assures high quality and high speed graphics” Here is a video of it running in demo mode in the TRS-80 emulator on my Linux desktop. http://www.billslittlewebsite.com/images/SuperNova.mp4

Star Trek

While not exactly a visual feast for the eyes…Star Trek was a great game in it’s day. The TRS-80 version played nearly identical to the one running on my school’s DEC PDP 11 minicomputer!

Dancing Demon

A little levity. You can’t be serious…all the time! The Dancing Demon running on a emulated TRS-80…TRSDOS is the OS! A mere picture doesn’t do this justice. In all seriousness this was cool in 1979 and early 1980s. Most of my schooling was in IBM mainframes where I would type COBOL and Assembler programs into […]

TRS-80’s more advanced TRSDOS

Emulation of the TRS-80’s more advanced TRSDOS [TRS-80 Disk Operating System that from the Radio Shack TRSDOS manual, I myself thought TRS was Tandy Radio Shack]. It was more powerful and had more features than the built-in ROM. It included Disk Basic which was more powerful than Level 2 Basic in the ROM shown below.


Well continuing my stroll down memory lane…the TRS-80 Level II 16K. My 1st personal computer bought for me by my parents while I was going to school to learn mini & mainframe computers. The display was 64×16 and it ran @1.78MHz.. External storage was on cassette tapes. Way before the Internet, you had to be […]