Super Nova

Pushing the TRS-80’s limits. The instructions from 1980 say “Super Nova is a fast-paced real-time game for one or two players. It is written in machine language which assures high quality and high speed graphics” Here is a video of it running in demo mode in the TRS-80 emulator on my Linux desktop.

TRS-80 Super Nova cassette image

I found my TRS-80 Level II 16K, sales receipt purchased 12/18/1979 for $849, $882.96 with tax. Also found paper instructions for the TRS-80 game that I had bought…Super Nova! So found it on the Internet and downloaded. Tried ver 1.2 which is a cassette image. Start the emulator sdltrs -keystretch 400 -autodelay -model 1 -scale2 …