Android charging/data cables

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Bought a new Type-C cable for spare at “Five Below”, which use to mean $5 and less, but as soon as the opened one near me it became $5 and up, despite the name. These cables appear to be nice. Nice packaging. quality appearing braided cable. However […]

Firefox dark mode, dark pages?

I often start my day early, and there is nothing worse, at least it feels that way at the moment, than opening a web page, where most of the page is white. So I do a little research and learn about dark themes. But wait that only affects a small aspect of Firefox, such as […]


This is my experience…so far. YMMV. Well it started out good. I had to virtually sign some documents Saturday…which I did. I Received the following text on Saturday. Today I go to Carvana website where I am shown the following. I’m excluding some purchase details, only showing the left side of screen. As you can […]

Browser source code

Playing with Beautiful Soup and…when did this happen? Brought up some websites to scrape locally. Save HTML in Firefox and Google Chrome. The view was right but when I “save page” the source has been heavily modified, to barely resemble the original. I use to do this all the time…that’s how I originally learned HTML. […]

Screen scrapping

I was listening to a podcast on screen scrapping with Python. Specifically they were talking about Scrapy. Which resurrected thoughts of how I created my Birthday database. I never went into detail about how I started this project. Anywho this was in 2002, a few years before requests (version 1 started late 2012) Beautiful soup […]

New phone

I read various complaints about this phone. However for someone like me that doesn’t buy a new phone every year or even every other year this phone, is 4 models greater than my old phone and a nice upgrade. Pros A huge plus was a way to turn off LGs KnockOn feature. I cannot express […]

Phone model rant

When is a model number useless? When it comes to phones. A few years ago I bought a phone with NFC I never really used it. So I bought an updated version of the same phone and it doesn’t have NFC. With the pandemic I thought NFC might actually be a nice feature. I watched […]