Well I guess I should a least mention that ChatGPT which uses AI has been a talked about thing for a few months now. It’s like Alexa at first…very interesting. But you also realize it’s apparently woke! Which is very annoying. I think I read something about Microsoft’s Bing incorporating it into it’s search.

Camera battery update

Didn’t leave charging overnight. Resumed today. After a while charging light turned off. Put in camera and it seems fine. I’m very surprised. Next day update. With the charging issues I was a little concerned that it might not hold a charge. However the next day it still shows a full charge.


I have been trying out Startpage search for a week or so. But going back to DuckDuckGo for now. Because Startpage seemingly doesn’t offer sentence or word completion or close match in results. At least that’s my perception. Which is important to me. I often use this feature as a spellcheck.