In an effort to improve my boring YouTube intros I’ve installed many new TrueType fonts. I have access to ~3000, from a old Windows 95 DVD, that I probably bought for $5 in the bargin bin. Not to mention the Google fonts I now have access to (see the previous post). My intros will probably …

Thunderbird and Google mail

I haven used Google mail in Thunderbird for a while, but I had in the past, so there was some account info there. Today a new Google signon message popped up. I entered the info and it proceeded to load my mail.

Reinstall Mint…again

I started fooling with some settings and screwed up my bottom panel. Since I just recently reinstalled I decided it would be easier/quicker just to reinstall rather than figure out how to fix it. So I did and made some strategic Clonezilla backups along the way.

GPT disk

I formatted my new disks as GPT. This is not new a new thing, but for whatever reason I never used it. But in using gparted it didn’t offer MBR. I kept wondering why I couldn’t add extended partitions on my GPT disks in gparted. Come to find out they’re not used in GPT.