Just installed BREXX on TK4-/MVS. Now to read the manual! As they say…back in the day, I wrote many REXX execs in VM/CMS. Our shop used CA-Vollie, which was a VSE, ISPF like environment. I assume that, it’s been so long, I can only guess that, that’s what it was modeled after. It was a […]

Assembler Disk to Print

Successfully fixed Assembler Disk to Print program I had typed in week or so ago. Was having problems with DCB macro. More specifically line continuation. Almost asked for help in the MVS forum. Finally solved by editing in VS Code and realize my source alignment was off by using the visual guides. It was a […]

Copy a PDS to another PDS

Thinking about this new YouTube Video and thought maybe it would be more useful to others to do it on a 3270 using ISPF. Which I assumed would be intutitive…but it wasn’t. See the copy utility below. It wasn’t clear to me how to copy looking at this panel,from the beginning, after I decided I […]

My YouTube videos

I’m not a put myself out there kinda guy. Also since I tend to have a lot of sinus problems, my already pretty bad speaking voice is even worse by my sniffing and throat clearing. But I want to make another YouTube video. These are Hercules MVS (Tk4-) vids. I have no desire to be […]

Manjaro – No 3270 emulator

Tried to install x3270 today…and it doesn’t exist in their repositories anymore! As a matter of fact, no 3270 emulator could be found. I thought Arch had everything? Maybe the writing was on the wall, the last time I installed it on Manjaro recently, it was in a foreign language! No love for mainframes? Just […]

Compile, link then execute

I have been using compile/go JCL to run my COBOL MVS programs, since that was the JCL I found used for other things. Since I mentioned in a video that the execution speed of a JOB was not a true indication of speed, because in addition to the execution, the program was compiled every time. […]