enscript with greenbar output

The following commands are taken from a link Professor Rene’ Ferland’s pointed to on his website. enscript –font=Courier-Bold@8 -l -H3 -r –margins=25:25:40:40 -p cobol01.ps cobol01.cob ps2pdf cobol01.ps cobol01.pdf The professor’s script used Ghostscript rather than ps2pdf. The above 2 commands can be combined into one. enscript –font=Courier-Bold@8 -l -H3 -r –margins=25:25:40:40 -p – cobol01.cob | […]

Greenbar and enscript

I asked a question about a YouTube video I watched “Using Cobol and VSAM on DOS/VSE – M174” concerning greenbar listings shown, and Professor RenĂ© Ferland, the video author, responded that it was created using his script that uses enscript. I’ve never even heard about this program or the Adobe program it’s based on, and […]


I should add that using many of the features of gnuCOBOL may also help familiarize me with IBM COBOL advancements because as stated in the FAQ…GnuCOBOL implements a substantial part of the COBOL 85, COBOL 2002, and COBOL 2014 standards, as well as many extensions of the existent COBOL compilers. And the COBOL versions that […]


After reviewing the above two S/370 Assembler instructions. I guess I’m wondering why you would use UNPK which unpacks packed numbers into zoned decimal digits which aren’t necessarily printable. ED on the other hand can also can also unpack packed numbers into zoned decimal…but these are printable. I guess I knew at one time but […]

Assembler MVC basics

Playing with S/370 assembler specifically the simple MVC instruction. Realized I’d forgotten basics by examining storage with the SNAP macro, after trying various moves. Came to realize that the length is only determined by the first operand. Verified this later by looking at yellow card. Figured out one way to move values to a 80 […]