Back to tk4- in VM/370 CE

I’ve been working on DOS/VS in VM/370 and now that, that works good I thought I’d return to MVS. I thought I this working on a dialed console. But I guess not. I even looked back at my log here. But it looks like I cut off the bottom of the MVS console (which would have shown it running in VM) to make it look like a normal console. Anywho I have to give Moshix credit for giving me (saw it in one of his videos) the key to make it work…

  • IPL 148 STOP on the logged on mvs. I was unaware of the STOP parameter.
  • Dial into MVS on another 3270 at 010
  • Resume the IPL with a “B”, on the logged on mvs
  • The IPL resumes on the dialed 3270 at address 010

I might have given him more credit but I tried a lot on my own because I couldn’t read half the things on his console/terminals because the font was too small.

The IPL in DOS/VS automatically stops to ask for the supervisor, so the STOP isn’t required. This allows you to dial in and resume the IPL.