Submit Jobs to DOS/VS by the Hercules socket reader

Submit local host (in my case…Linux) Jobs to DOS/VS directly by using the Hercules socket reader. I know this isn’t new or ground breaking to a lot of people. But I’m someone who’s emulation interest comes and goes. And lately I’ve been interested in running DOS/VS in VM/370 CE. Because DOS/VS as provided isn’t very friendly. So the first thing for me was to get back into REXX to recreate how I submitted Jobs from CMS to a DOS/VS guest. Computer staff used ICCF and CA-Vollie at the sites I worked at. I however preferred using VM/CMS.

Now that I’ve done that. I’d much prefer to doing most things local…storing programs and JCL. Using modern editors. The Hercules socket reader makes that easy. Easy when they provide you with a Perl script. Perl? Today? Really? Yes…it was already installed on my Linux distribution.