Z80 emulation and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer

I wrote some about this here. But I didn’t give any details. So here I am again ridiculously trying to review what I did before because my notes, if you can call them that, are slim to none. Anywho I saw something about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, and I thought I did something with that, which brings me here.

Actually I pretty much didn’t do anything regarding the ZX Spectrum, and I probably should. Althought not used much in the US, it seems to play an important part in early vintage computers. I mostly played with the Colecovision emulation.

First of all I went to the github page and downloaded the newest Ubuntu version. But I couldn’t build it because the configure file was missing. So I saw my previous download existed and I could run it, from the src directory.

cd /home/bill/MyStuff/Computer_Simulator_Emulator/Emulators/Micro/Sinclair/zesarux-ZEsarUX-10.2/src/

I added a folder for Colecovision here... 0-Software
F5 - Settings
F9 - Load

When I started it it was in Colecovision mode. Probably remembered the last thing I did. I loaded (F9) a few games. Some things didn’t work.

A short video is better than a pic. Except its not letting me upload a 13MB video, today. So I put it on YouTube.

Perhaps I could use the old configure file with the new version?