Linux desktop logon security

I’m looking for a very simple solution to logon to my computer. Instead of typing letmein…for example, I want a password like…z%gyKEF5s^WEBXm^n4U. And I want a device to type that in for me. Is that so hard? If someone is willing to go to the trouble of breaking that key…then I’ve got bigger problems than I think. I thought Yubikey was the gold standard. And yet when I try and find a Yubikey Linux logon solution I find something like this. Which shows you how to to login using 2FA and sounds overly complicated. The 3rd step is sudo apt-get install libpam-u2f…that’s already more than I want to do. Is 2FA better…maybe. And yet all these steps are to my mind as I said overly complicated. I mean if I was typing letmein and now my password is z%gyKEF5s^WEBXm^n4U…My login is now orders of magnitude better. I think I’m fairly safe. I was looking at these solutions. Everykey requires you to setup an account. I don’t want to setup a stinking account. After I logon I will then use something like bitwarden for my online accounts. Currently looking at Onlykey. Maybe what I am looking for?

I mean I only recently started encrypting my hard drive. Previously I wasn’t overly paranoid about having my HD encrypted. However after a recent brand new hard drive went bad after only a few weeks. I wasn’t even interested in asking for a refund because I knew I had personal information on there and I would have to send it back. No way! If my hard drive was encrypted with a strong password however that would be a different matter.