VM EE editor

Trying to find some info on this editor. I thought I saw somewhere, where you could move the current line and ruler from the ridiculous center to the sensible top. Maybe not? You know like just about every editor does. I mean even the bottom would be better than the middle.

Good info here. I didn’t realize that it is an actual VM editor. Not even sure that is true because I also read that it is a MECAFF addition?

OK, I just found “EE PROFILE” and fixed one of my problems. I was getting errors submitting COBOL type files to DOS/VS because they weren’t 80 byte fixed length files. So I added this to the profile…


But I also learned about LRECL (see below)

Useful EE commands.

GET [ fn [ ft [ fm ] ] ]
Read the specified file and insert its lines after the current line

PUT [ count [ fn [ ft [ fm ] ] ] ]
Write count lines beginning with the current line to the specified file. If no count is given, one
line is written

CASe U | M | R
Set the case handling for the file, with the following options:
U : Uppercase
convert all input to the file in upper case, string searches (commands Locate, Change)
are case insensitive.
M : Mixed case
do not convert case for text entered to the file, but do case insensitive searches.
R : Mixed case, respect case for searches
do not convert case for text entered to the file, doing exact (case sensitive) searches.

LRECL lrecl
Change the logical record length of the file to lrecl, but limited to 255, values lower than 1 will
be ignored. If the file currently has a larger record length, the file content may be truncated.

My COBOL compile REXX exec works!

Now that I solved my DOS/VS JCL reclen & REXX problem, I successfully created my COBOL compile REXX exec, that wraps the JCL around the COBOL source and submits it to DOS/VS.

I never liked storing the compile JCL with the source. The COBOL source library should only be source, IMHO. With this program working, it’s easy to adapt for other uses such as compile & link or Assembly. Combined with VM/CMS it makes DOS/VS much more interactive.

I should also note that this assumes you have the 2314 DASD or a patch that RenĂ© Ferland described in a Moshix video, titled “Cobol and PL_I on DOS_VS – M92”.

DOS/VS JCL reclen & REXX

Several things I discovered. My old REXX COMPILE EXEC…doesn’t work on VM/370CE and DOS/VS as written! I was using a newer VM and DOS, probably SP. I discovered the QUEUE statements require the string to be 80 characters. So I must pad them first. I also found that the EE editor doesn’t create fixed length 80 character files. So if I submit them to DOS they fail. I assume the problem is with the old DOS and not REXX. At any rate DOS/VS expects a lrecl of 80.


Just a reminder to myself about ICCF (Interactive Computing and Control Facility). The last place I worked used CA Vollie for that purpose. However I used VM/CMS, because that’s what I was familiar with.

I want a scanner…no printer.

I always wanted a printer. But with the cost of ink, I’m over it. I really don’t have that much I need to print. The cost of ink often exceeds the cost of a printer.

However I do need to replace my scanner (which is part of my printer).