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Even though I technically finished the MTM course as long as I still have access to z/OS I would still like to work on the final challenge using the zowe extensions in the VS Code editor. Up until now I used the old school TSO/ISPF in a 3270 emulator. Without being specific I have over 200 lines of data I extracted from an external source using Python, that results in 400 lines (2 dimensional table) of REXX, and I’d like to paste it into my REXX stub. So the zowe extension in VS Code would really be useful for this. But currently I’m having issues connecting so…

I posted this in the MTM slack group

I’m getting the zowe Invalid Credentials message. I click the “Check Credentials” button on the message pop-up and nothing is returned. I previously successfully set up this up for the COBOL course, and can connect to that today. So that at least proves I have VS Code set up properly.

However there was a “COBOL Programming with VSCode Registration” page.
Is there a similar requirement for the MTM course? I’ve haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere.

I ran the “zowe zosmf check status” from the CLI and…
I also tried the variant I saw in a post zowe zosmf check status –zosmf-profile myprofile.
Both return:
The user ‘Z#####’ successfully connected to z/OSMF on ‘S0W1.DAL-EBIS.IHOST.COM’.
Where ‘Z#####’ is my MTM ID

I looked at my profile in my .zowe/profiles/zosmf/ directory with a text editor and everything looked good as far as I could tell.

I’m out of ideas.

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  1. The admin (Paul) reset my password and it worked. He said he’s seen issues with RACF where that fixed it.

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