Linux Mints mystery background downloads

I’ve complained about this before, but it’s a problem I have with Mint’s mystery downloading. Because of a new HD I recently reinstalled Mint and Manjaro. So both distros should be fairly fresh. And Mint is still doing this crap! Below is shortly after I logged on and haven’t used any programs. WTH is it downloading. Why is Mint using the bandwidth I pay for to download something of size? I could understand checking for updates, a returned list would be very small…a small spike on the graph. The bandwidth used could and perhaps is actually doing some type of update. I disconnect for 10-20 seconds then reconnect and before long it’s doing this again. If I let it continue it maintains this for many minutes. This isn’t an simple query to tell me my system status. This is many many megabytes. Possibly a GB or more.

And how does Manjaro look?

Like this while watching a YouTube Livestream at 480K

Or like this while doing a big update…

A Manjaro big update…that I started looks like Mint’s mystery background download.

I need to dig into this more.