Continuing retro. MVS. An OS more advanced than the one…OS/360 [MVT] I used at school. I had no interactive editor, I had to punch cards and submit to a card reader! Then wait an hour or more for the computer operator to print out my listing…after it’s turn in the job queue. Then if any errors…repunch new cards, resubmit then wait another hour. Rinse and repeat!

This OS was either too expensive (or simply not chosen in favor of DOS), back in the day, for the budget at the small company where I was employed. MVS was an OS that gave thousands of computer operators, system programmers, programmers, DBAs not to mention IBM support, training facilities, the list goes on…a great career for many years. The OS that powered IBMs biggest and most powerful computers…in it’s day. An OS whose manuals from IBM alone, filled bookcases…not to mention all the non IBM books written over the years, many still available on Amazon.

Thanks to the great work of the MVS Turnkey system created by Volker Bandke…I got MVS running on my Linux computer. I suppose because it’s MVS, that it has the most attention given to it in the emulation world and is really complete (including VTAM, TSO & compilers). In the screenshots below [which can be expanded] you can see…on my Linux desktop, the hercules IBM 370 emulator running on the left and the 3270 screen [also an emulator] running TSO on the right.


TSO User Menu

TSO supplied dataset 2

Here is a program in a TSO editor, running in MVS.