LibreOffice Base


I always loved MS-Access…a great MS product for quick databases so I started playing with LibreOffice Base. Thought I’d import my dog database. Found a import extension that wasn’t intuitive and the fonts were so small it gave me trouble. Errors just bounced right to the code. So I had enough of that. Anyhow I downloaded the data from my web MySQL database. Downloaded in CSV but that didn’t have the field names so I downloaded the SQL too. So I opened the CSV with LibreOffice Calc then cut&paste field names from the SQL data file, to the top of the CSV. From the first field, pressed CTRL+SHIFT+END to select all records then CTRL+C to copy them all. At that point from LibreOffice Base go to EDIT>Paste and follow the wizard. It creates a table with the name you gave it. The file is an ODB. And just like that I had 715 records!

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