Playing old games

It seems to me the easiest way to play old console games is to buy one of these retro game machines already setup and preloaded with thousands of games. They are android or tiny MS-Windows computers running various emulators to play games from many different consoles.

I never intended to get deep into this topic. However I recently downloaded a Z80 emulator and it sparked a small interest. I think I’m about over it now. Although there may be one exception. Light gun games. I had a light gun game and a light gun for the PS1 and I found it so much fun. The game was called Time Crisis. Except the light gun didn’t last long. I definitely don’t think I got my moneys worth with that gun.

Was checking out Light gun games on YouTube and it looks like the Nintendo Wii has some real good Light gun games. Surprise! House of the Dead series…looks good. Also some Resident Evil games. So I might just consider a real used Nintendo Wii console down the road.

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