Every time I turn around, this (or some other baloo program) CPU hog is running. I want to do a system update but would rather do it when the CPU use isn’t so heavy. What good is indexing your files for speed if the rest of the system is slowing to a crawl? Anyway dolphin file search is crap to me. It rarely finds what I’m looking for. I’m not sure what it’s doing. Regular? No! Regex? IDK. Am I searching for a file name or in file contents? I’m sure some doc explains it, but why do I need to be instructed for something as basic as search?

So I disabled it by adding the following line to baloofilerc in .config


Annoying WordPress issue

Frequently WordPress tells me The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Followed by a Restore The Backup button, which appears to be the only option. Well what if I like what’s below? How about a No thanks, Einstein. Keep The Version Below button? There is a x in the upper right corner to close this. But if you do it just shows up next time.

phpMyAdmin error

Trying to use phpMyAdmin because a Bolt config file [config.yml] implies it’s using MySQL, and I specifically wanted to try it because bolt says it defaults to SQLite. Also I looked using Filezilla and found a .db file with zero bytes. So I wanted to check if the install setup a MySQL database. More wasted time…here is the email I sent my webhost.

I’m getting an error trying to use phpMyAdmin. I use it often with no problems. I can only assume it has something to do with my “Bolt CMS” issue [Ticket ID: DOH-771-67468]  I reported yesterday, because it involved PHP. However I personally made no changes to PHP.  All I did was attempted to install Bolt CMS using Softaculous!

The error being returned is:

mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user ‘billslit’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)
Undefined index: auth_type


Installed, now Playing with Bolt v3.7.1 ! Per their recommendation I setup a subdomain for it.

But first!

Contacted my Web Host because Softaculous reported PHP version problem.
So their response was to change my PHP version to 7.2.32 so Softaculous would install bolt. I could have done that myself because I already knew how to change my PHP version through cPanel. I didn’t think changing PHP versions was the best thing to do because I only recently did work so my own PHP programs would work with PHP 7, and I wasn’t sure my changes would work with PHP 7.2…but apparently they do!

What I wanted, was for Softaculous to honor the stated PHP requirements for bolt!

Bolt Install…fail

Having looked at features and requirements …I’m ready to install using Softaculous in cPanel. Bolt’s web page (home page…no less) says PHP 5.5.9 and higher. So what is the first error I get?

The following errors were found :

  • PHP version is less than the required 7.1.0

More wasted time!

WordPress search for a replacement

Never did I expect something as basic as a search to become an issue. Especially for a top rated blogging software. Not even a top rated…the top rated!

What good is it if I take the time to document procedures. If a search can’t find it!!!

Probably easiest to choose something offered by my web host.

FlatPress (No SQL can backup 1 directory)
Bolt – I like that SQLite is used by default. I’ve personally put a million records in it, so for my purposes it’s sufficient. Wouldn’t be a great choice for high volume use, but for my log sounds great! Requires PHP 5.5.9 and higher.

WordPress search

WordPress search sucks! And by sucks, I mean it doesn’t return all posts that match the search! I guess it’s my fault for expecting something as complicated as search to be reliable. After all who would ever consider using a computer to do something like that? I mean really if somebody could figure out how to do search reliably they might make a business out of it. Evidently Wikipedia doesn’t use WordPress.

So I guess I still need to keep a simple text log. Because search always works there. So it’s best I resume updating my text log file then cut & paste into WordPress…extra work. When I’m using this as a log…search is very of important! Why is something as seemingly as simple as a search not be reliable? How hard can an MySQL search be? Something like WHERE field LIKE ‘%search words%’. In my quick google search I remember seeing a post about this in 2017. It wasn’t an extensive search just hoped to find a simple fix. As far as I know there may be search issues 10 years ago.

Perhaps I’ll look for something else other than WordPress to handle my logs. Something simpler. Maybe something exists that has a decent export to text feature without requiring a plugin.

I was correct about Manjaro updates

My thought about the latest Manjaro updates screwing up my Linux Mint was correct. Thankfully I had a Manjaro clonezilla image from 7/13 (10 days ago). Restoring that image fixed my Linux Mint screen resolution.

Of course now I’m back to square one and still need to apply ~2GB of updates. So that will be 4GB of downloads! Why couldn’t it fail on a 50MB update?

I still don’t know why Manjaro feels it needs to fix grub entries for other OS’s. In doing a little research I found this, and wonder if it would help?

In /etc/default/grub

  • This entry is used to prevent GRUB from adding the results of os-prober to the menu. A value of “true” disables the os-prober check of other partitions for operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OSX and Hurd, during execution of the update-grub command.

Manjaro updates strikes again

I just want my OS to work with minimal interaction from me. Right now I’m trying to study and get better at Julia and Python/pandas and that can occupy enough of my time right now. And after that…maybe docker. There’s always plenty to learn. That’s what I want to spend my time studying…NOT OS’s. Not Mint or Manjaro or Arch. Only Mint manages to do this year after year. I use a OS to study these and other topics…NOT the OS!!!!!! So OK Manjaro kind of screwed up so I’ll just bounce over to my backup distro and continue right? Noooo…once again Mint is crippled I think because Manjaro likes to fiddle with grub. I understand when the Kernel is updated it needs to update grub. But just use what’s already in grub.cfg for my other OS’s…no need to try and figure it out…just use what’s already there! I’ve mostly gone about 6+ months on Manjaro without many big problems. So that is progress.

Was nervous because this was a big update, almost 2GB of updates and 450 packages.At the very least offer smaller chuncks to update.

So when I reboot my 4 virtual desktops aren’t coming back and no menu bar. My cube only has only 1 side. Not sure it is update related. Because that baloo cpu hog is running and also kwin_x11 is using 97.3-100%. So I restart and that baloo crap is running again. Finally I do a complete shutdown/restart and x11 progs no longer cpu greedy, and my desktop looks more normal, however the baloo crap resumes with it’s own resource hog ways.

Choose to boot Mint in grub and screen resolution screwed up…suspect grub again!

Julia PyCall

Successfully used a Python library from Julia! May not sound like a big deal, but have tried unsuccessfully in the past. Suspect problem at my end, possibly install issues between Python 2 and Python 3. But now Python 2 has gone bye bye!