NextCloud DDNS

Decided to logon into my Nextcloud server, which I rarely do, but it seems that my NextCloud DDNS is either down or no longer exists. So I can’t login using that method. So I have to re-familiarize myself with the process all over again. So I chose a new DDNS dynu, but now I have to update the LetsEncrypt SSL cert, using Certbot I believe. Don’t feel like doing that right now. It was working perfectly fine but I was never comfortable with a server, that I’m responsible for keeping updated, constantly attached to the Internet, so I kept it off most of the time. Basically I’d turn it on periodically when I wanted to sync my phone pics with the server. I think that’s something I’d be more comfortable hosting on something like Digital Ocean or Linode, (which I never used, but I’m open to), where paid Linux administrators who work with Linux administration every day keep the systems updated and security patched.

So I’m considering a different use for server that doesn’t require connection to the Internet. Perhaps a media server!