Hercules virtual tape review

Previously, I kinda hinted at Hercules virtual tapes without detailed notes. So here I find myself reviewing/documenting the procedures…again!

It seems I created fixed length test records with various record counts in /home/bill/Mystuff/COBOL/data/
names are usually like customer-1000.txt
Mainframe files or datasets are best fixed length fields and lengths.
You can use the Python program to create test records.
conda deactivate
cd project1_env/
source bin/activate

bill@bill-MS-7B79:~/Downloads/Computers/Emulators/Mainframe/Hercules/Tape/awsutilb-whb$ ./maketape INPUT: customer.txt VOLSER: VOL001 DATASET: CUSTOMER.FILE OUTPUT: TAPE01.AWS LRECL: 166 BLOCK: 100
MAKETAPE v1.2 (BASIC) copyright Jay Moseley, CCP 2000-2002
AWSTAPE File: TAPE01.AWS appears to already exist. Do you want to overwrite (Y/N)? Processing input from: customer.txt
Wrote 11 blocks to AWSTAPE file: TAPE01.AWS (File #0001 Dataset: CUSTOMER.FILE)

./tapedump I: TAPE01.AWS
TAPEDUMP v1.0 (BASIC) copyright Jay Moseley, CCP 2000
Processing AWSTAPE file: TAPE01.AWS
Serial Number from VOLume 1 label: VOL001

File MVT Dataset RECFM BLKSIZE LRECL BlocksExpected BlocksRead
0001 CUSTOMER.FILE B 16,600 166 11 11

I’m on a roll with problems (3270)

So I started MVS in hercules mainframe emulator on Manjaro. Went to start a x3270 terminal. It did not exist…no problem I’ll just install it. So I installed it. But it said it required a restart. Hardly anything requires a restart. Ok I need to try and shutdown MVS manually. Found manual said something like shutting down bsppilot, and gave the command…it didn’t know what I was talking about. So reentered with leading /. That seemed to work. Couldn’t they just show that in the command? Of course the script wanted to know if I wanted to (S)top or (C)ontinue or something like that. So I type C…it didn’t like that! I type /C…it didn’t like that either!!! Anywho I seemingly got it to end…returned to hercules prompt. Restart…good! Start MVS…good! Start x3270, and I get this…

Just look at that wonderful menu and error message!

USB Mic issue

So the USB mic issue that I had on Linux Mint apparently is not an issue on Manjaro. I’m pretty sure I used it on Mint with no problems before. The problem is if I record a 10sec clip in audacity, it plays back in about as nano second. I deleted audacities setting folder with no change. However my webcam mic works fine on Mint.

Large Manjaro update/So much to do

Over a GB with 227 updates. Looking at “uname -a” output doesn’t seem to be using a new kernal. Or is it?

To do…

  • Find out why. See above.
  • Get Hugo to use relative addressing so I can move hugo static site to subfolder.
  • See if I can use “Samson Q2U Recording and Podcasting Mic”

Kernal Stuff

[bill@bill-ms7b79 ~]$ uname -a
Linux bill-ms7b79 5.9.16-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 21 22:00:46 UTC 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[bill@bill-ms7b79 ~]$

==> Warning:
-> Kernel has been updated. Modules of the current kernel
-> have been backed up so you can continue to use your
-> computer. However, the new kernel will only work
-> at next boot.

It would be nice if the above message told what new kernal should be!

uname -a has been showing 5.9.16-1-MANJARO for a while now!

Cursor highlight for videos

I see these highlighted cursors all the time on YouTube, but trying to find out how to do it wasn’t easy. It’s so easy to loose track of that mouse pointer in a video. Install some obscure package or some double talk answer. It seemed almost like it was some trade secret. After some digging. I found this link. Better yet…let’s cut to the chase and just go here, download, extract and move to your .icon directory. There were about 7 different colors for the highlight. I wanted yellow but it looked pea green on my screen. Then select from mouse pointer, where your Themes setting is.

x3270 wide screen

I hadn’t played with mainframe emulation for a while, and I was reviewing my notes. So I started up MVS using the TK4- package. I then used the x3270 terminal emulator to get a TSO/ISPF session as I always did by typing “x3270” and as usual I found viewing 132 column listings tedious [PF10/PF11 to scroll left/right]. So I was reviewing the documentation and found I could get a 132×27 screen by including the “-model” option, like so x3270 -model 3279-5 And you can see below the 3279-5 also uses colors. You give up some rows but gain more columns and color. Oh man I wish I knew this earlier. Don’t you hate it when you find a simple solution, you could have been using all along, that you didn’t know about? I hadn’t seen this used in any video or read about it earlier. And it certainly makes life easier especially when viewing output. Of course it also helps when viewing the output of wide data sets…less scrolling!

132 columns
So who’d you rather?
132 columns (left above the Hercules console ) or 80 columns (right)