Posted 3 YouTube videos in the last week.

No I’m not trying to be a regular YouTube contributor. One of the reasons I sometimes like to post a video is to have a date/time stamp of when I did something. I had recently put a lot of effort in reading IBM type tapes using Basic-Plus on a PDP-11, like I did many years ago. That lead to my 1st in a long time video. This was my favorite of the 3 videos. Because I had to remember everything, since I have no old Basic-Plus listings. The fact that I have no Basic-Plus listings also amazes me. Because I actually sought and found a job using RSTS/E on a PDP. And those memories were older than the other 2 videos. Glad I remembered GET and FIELD, which was important to de-block those old IBM tapes. However the first thing I did was figure out how to convert EBCDIC to ASCII. I used a table I created in Julia a few years ago, to help me there.

Then I decided I’d like to do a little more with DOS/VS than I have. In playing with DOS/VS It became extremely annoying to bring it up over and over manually, because in trying things, I would frequently mess things up and needed to restore a good backup, and re-IPL. So I searched for and found a way to make that process easier. So that lead to my 2nd video. Once I got a little more comfortable with DOS/VS, since it’s strictly batch, that led me to wanting to use VM/370 CE as a development environment. And that led me to dive back into REXX. I spent more than a few minutes getting those old REXX EXECs working. VM/370 CE certainly helped in that department. I could again see that VM really was great for that. Starting to remind me of the old days. Now that DOS/VS was running reliably, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to run TK4- and DOS/VS on VM/370 which lead me to my 3rd recent video. I don’t have anymore projects up my sleeve right now.