I was researching mobile phones and a couple places started talking about haptics. WTH are haptics? Even worse it rolls off their tongue as if, of course, everyone should know what that is. I know I’m sure a lot of younger people would say “OK boomer”. So I look it up and I found this stating it’s first use was in 1734. See you stupid boomer! I don’t care…it’s not a word that’s been in common use, maybe until mobile phone reviews. They weren’t talking about mobile phones in 1734.

So I also found this article titled We Put a Bunch of New Words in the Dictionary in September 2018. So I was right! Which they describe as” the science of touch, is behind the vibration of a smartphone in response to your finger, which might be switching the phone to airplane mode, or choosing to force quit an app so that we can restart and begin Instagramming again“. What? Is this important? I’m not against new words. It’s just slightly annoying how it’s used as if, of course, everyone knows haptics….I’m so intelligent.

I think I came across this word a few months ago reading another cell phone review. So somewhere down the line some respected reviewer used the word and now all the better reviewers better know and use it too…like sheep.